Process File Name Spoofing

I saw an interesting post about spoofing the process file name (and he has other interesting posts so you better check it out anyway). This is really not surprising that many applications fail to retrieve the name correctly, since they access a string in the usermode controlled area, probably something they get from the PEB. So I tried to come up with a quick and reliable way that will be done from usermode without any kernel tendency.
I tried it out myself (I mean with spoofing, using the code he shows in his post), and it worked well.

#pragma comment(lib, "psapi.lib")
void main()
 WCHAR buf[260];
 GetMappedFileName(GetCurrentProcess(), main, buf, sizeof(buf));
 printf("%S\n", buf);

FYI: GetMappedFileName uses an undocumented info-class for NtQueryVirtualMemory. :)

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