Some Rants

Aaarg, the most annoying thing is to visit your own site and to see that it is down. And then you check on what’s wrong and you see that the domain has expired… Afterwards, you check your inbox for the invoices of the payment to the hosting company and you see that you were charged last month for the domain registration renewal. Next thing, you find yourself writing an email from some anonymous address (because mine at ragestorm hadn’t work at the time) and trying to sound polite and remove the swears after you write them on the second pass of the email before sending it.

Damn, there are some things that piss me off.  Like the fact that I really want to write in this blog more frequently. There are many excuses for this. Eventually I suck, everything else I will say can’t make it any better. So I really should try better. And yet, sometimes I have weird ideas to write about, and I’m not sure that my audience follows my posts, so why write them then? They are too low level, technical, or some might say boring. But hey, it IS the insanely low level blog, no? So I made up my mind that I will write just about anything (computer related) that I have in my mind. So you should expect some weird stuff. Usually, I’m inspired with ideas from my daily work at my company, and sometimes from the stuff I do in my free time. Thing is, that, at work – please don’t laugh at me – I do SQL and .Net stuff.. Ok, you can really laugh now, I deserve it. ;) but that’s only temporary (“that’s what they all say” haha)

So SQL or not, believe me, you can make your hands dirty with some of the stuff there, like transactions where you suddenly realize that there might be dead locks because of your queries. And you start thinking on your code as if it were some multi threaded application that you implement its synchronization on your own. It really gave me the impression that most people who write SQL belong to one of three types: 1. They don’t know shit and therefore their queries are subject to not work well or not efficient. 2. They do know something (I wouldn’t call it programming language with all due respect to the L in SQL) and manage to get their stuff to work. 3. People who really know the internals and algorithms of SQL and understand how things tend to work together and write something good.

What I’m saying is that even in SQL, there might be some decent ‘coders’. But how many – I can’t tell. A few prolly. With all the classification I just did, you still gain experience only by sitting down and trying on your own. But that’s true regarding everything, I guess.

And about .Net, it’s really awesome. I like the way that everything is already ready for use, you don’t have to waste time writing your own collections/containers algorithms (like in C for example) for instance. That you can speak Sockets and COM in the same easyness. That the security is part of the system. Now I really wanna start a flame about Java. But noooo. I just think C# is much better and more permissive, they took all Java’s advantages, fixed the broken stuff and created a whole new better language. Genericness? Well, less, and yet it is VMed…so screw it.

Happy new year & Hatima Tova

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