ReviveR – Request for Features

Hey guys,

finally, we are starting to come up with a huge features-list for the project.
This is *your* time to affect the project.
I can’t promise that we will implement everything, but we are open minded, and we are going to implement tons of stuff.
We really believe we can make a production level reversing platform with top features.

So if you got ideas, about how the GUI is going to look, or what kind of “windows” we should have in the application, or even tiny stuff, like how an instruction is supposed to be colored, new ideas for code analysis, a crazy view to load a few files in the same workspace, or just whatever that’s having to do with reversing, just go ahead.

So please help us, just ask for anything on your mind

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  1. Adrián says:

    Please, make it scriptable. Enough plug holes so we can modify the way the analysys is done, or introduce a decrypter or unpacker in top of the analysys function… If it’s python scriptable that would be perfect!

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