Focusing on the Focus

Sometimes you want to create a pop up window that won’t steal the focus. It seems that even a simple ShowWindow(SW_SHOW); instructs the windows manager to set the focus and activate that window. But what if you want a tooltip ? After all, even a tooltip is a window. So no need to invent the wheel again, you can just use SW_SHOWNA which means – hey, show my window but don’t activate it.

If the window is already activated, thus having the focus, specifying SHOWNA won’t help it, because it’s already got the focus. So you are doomed, and have to wait until some other window takes the focus or when your window is destroyed the window manager will automatically giev the focus to the former window. But that won’t be good enough for a tooltip-like window. So you have to be careful with it. Even if you want to reposition the window using SetWindowPos you will have to set the SWP_NOACTIVATE flag, so it won’t get the focus. That’s true also in a case where the window is hidden, which sounds a bit stupid to me (why activate a hidden window?). But who said it’s perfect? and not to mention the dialog manager…pffft.

After seeing myself that many people have this problem, I decided it’s worth a post. :)

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