TinyPE Made The World a Safer Place, did it?

It’s pretty cool to see after a long while since I’ve started that project that many AV’s now find the concept of Tiny PE as a virus or a risky application. On the other hand, it’s not a virus, so why do you alert about it? But most people think of the Tiny PE project, specifically what I started – was to download a file from the Internet and execute it. So it came out that the PE header was really fragile and yet it worked for Windows. So most AV’s and disassemblers didn’t even manage to parse it. That was only a side effect, later on, it was used with WebDAV to download the file directly by the Windows Loader using the name of a DLL as a URL(!), a real ownage.

So now I see that the link to the file my proof of concept code downloads is “censored” by some AV’s. My code is really inocent, will open a mere message box. But I guess you can imagine where it can end. Here’s the output of some AV:

http://ragestorm.net/tiny/_SANITIZED_    # void
Where the original file URL is: http://ragestorm.net/tiny/tiny3.exe

So it seems like it really made the world, or to be accurate the Internet, a safer place…although it wasn’t my real intention, because it was all started as a small bet with a friend and now see where it ended. Respect.

PS: to be really accurate when I say AV I mean malware scanning systems.

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  1. Erez says:

    Yes, much safer, now that we can’t download from ragestorm.net/tiny :-)

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