Hey guys

I’ve been pretty busy in the last few months, working, and working.

I am thinking about coming up with a diStorm-ARM version, it’s pretty self-explanatory. ;)
For the ones who are not familiar with diStorm, it is a disassembler that returns a binary structure that describes an x86/x64 instruction, instead of textual output.

Would love to hear your thoughts, as always.

4 Responses to “diStorm-ARM”

  1. Joseph says:

    An ARM version would be awesome!! Would love to see this project get started :)

  2. doskey says:

    Great! Looking forward the ARM version.

  3. sai says:

    i expect it~this will be very useful for researching mobile security

  4. sfinktah says:

    Wait… the guy I’m stealing one liners from for my IDAPython project, is the same guy who wrote the disassembler/decomposer/flensing-knife that I’m using in the C++ portion of the same project?

    That is seriously tripping me out… not least of which, because I am so sick to death of IDAPython that I was considering of using your flensing knife (I mean decomposer) inside IDA via the python bindings.

    I checked out (figuratively, literally) distormx the other day, very clean code.

    If you do ever get bored (6 years on), I think the world really needs a reverse-disassembler. I believe it so much, I put a bounty on a SO question, and still nobody could show me a single ‘re-assembler’ (that’s what the world is surely calling out for).

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