I rewrote TinyPE and just got to 240 bytes!!!!!1!!11!!11!!1! * 9**9**9

Downloading a file from the .net (specifically my own site) and running it, while the strings in the .exe must be encrypted in someway. You can find more information by googling the TinyPE Challenge.

Holy shit, I’m kinda excited myself, it was my goal and I have just reached it after a few days of hard work. Now I gotta shave one more byte and then I’m done :)

 I will release the source once I am finished. I do new stuff and again no tools can read my .exe file, not even my own diSlib64… bammer.

Stay Tuned :) blee

2 Responses to “TinyPE NG”

  1. mxatone says:

    Gratz man. So now who is going to get it to below 200 bytes ? ;)

  2. arkon says:

    Thx mate. No one ;))
    My last attempt was 274 and I lost the .exe and the kinda source I had. So now I got it all documented and ready for use.
    Though it seems Vista doesn’t like it.

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