Crunching 3 More Bytes

I already uploaded the new version, whose size is 213 bytes. Download here.

The trick I used this time is very not popular and I doubt if any of you know it at all. A friend showed me this trick a year a go and it only occurred to me yester night to use it in Tiny PE itself.

C:\Documents and Settings\arkon>ping
Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:
>>> 107+129*256+247*256**2+63*256**3
>>> len(str(_))
>>> len(“”)

I guess you still didn’t get it :) So check this link out:
The IP is converted to a decimal integer which the Net API knows and parses it well…
Whooooo’s the biatch now?! http://0x3ff7816b/ also works… but it’s still 10 bytes. heh

 BTW – I updated diSlib64 to be able to parse Tiny PE style files well…It’s the only thing that parses them from all the PE tools I got. Though it still doesn’t parse the forwarded export table. Will fix that in next update ;)

4 Responses to “Crunching 3 More Bytes”

  1. Ryan Russell says:

    Have you considered finding/making an address or name that contains some of your executable code?

  2. arkon says:

    Well I tried some crazy stuff which I didn’t manage any to work. However, I still want to use ragestorm as the target site. Eventually if someone else competes me, the size of the address will be the same as mine, so we both start from the same start without any fore…

  3. Erez says:

    whoa, awesome.

  4. […] with 274 bytes. But no worries, after a long while I came back with a version of 213(!) bytes (over here) and used some new tricks. Today I still wait for Peter’s last […]

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