Welcome Back

Hey you guys again, I’m back from South East Asia after 3 months of traveling all around. Was awesome :)

So here’s some potentially cool real story: What happened is that while I was walking with a few friends in Vietnam (Nha Trang to be accurate) on the beach a friend found a pouch with credit cards and driving license, etc. The only thing we knew about that pouch was the owner’s name and that she was Irish. That didn’t really help us to get to her, unforetunately no cellphone number was attached anywhere in the pouch. The next thing we thought was to look her up on FaceBook, but she wasn’t listed (who doesn’t have FB nowadays? :) ). So, we had to give it to the Vietnamese local police station, but probably that poor girl continued traveling and didn’t find it…

 Anyways, I just realized something very nice, suppose you have somebody’s email. Whether someone left a comment with only his email on this blog, or whatever. And you wish to find that email or who he/she is. So usually we fire up google and looking for that email and we can learn much from that. But sometimes we can’t find anything. And besides, even if we do find something, it might not be relevant or enough information about that person. What I realized was that you can search people using their email in FaceBook, and I really managed to find a few people who were anonymous except their emails, which is quite interesting….Finally we got some way to link a person with an email address, think about it.

So that’s it, I’m back for a couple of months, hopefully I will write some interesting posts, need to get ideas, which usually are originated from my work, stay tuned ;)

4 Responses to “Welcome Back”

  1. Erez says:

    Welcome back!

  2. Nadav says:

    Good to have you back!!

  3. arkon says:

    Thanks guys :)

  4. gcccc says:

    Nice blog dude,

    Sorry for commenting on an “old” post, but you should check out Maltego. No need to use Facebook’s Web interface to extrapolate information ;)

    Hint: Get the free version, it limits transforms based on IP address and Mac address output (from /sbin/ifconfig ! LOL)

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