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After a few years that diStorm is out, we can already see it used here and there. Although most users are private users rather than commercial, but even commercial applications use diStorm. I guess many people also use it internally in their companies, but without their word I can’t really know about it. Except some friends who tell me so.

It’s pretty cool that you write something useful which people actually use, and to save commercial use. That was my main reason to release diStorm under the permissive BSD license. The problem arises when there is some commercial applications which don’t give credit for your work, it’s really frustrating and I guess one can’t do much about it. There is this Vietnamic BKV Pro anti virus software that claimed to be written by professors and students (or the like), so I didn’t really expect no credit from such people. But this is our world :( I got an email from an advocate about diStorm’s copyright infrigement. It seems they also abuse WinRAR’s license, so I’m not the only one.. To be honest, I prefer they stop using diStorm immediately rather than not giving me my credit. There are other disassembler libraries out there, they could use them as well. On the other hand, I’m happy to know they use diStorm, but I only ask for recognition, nothing else, after all the hard work I put there. I emailed them but to no response. This licenses’ violation from the AV guys seem to make a lot of noise in Vietnam blogs and forums, though I can’t really understand anything, except where they quote diStorm’s license or saying my name. I haven’t yet contacted OSI, and I’m not sure if they can really help, but it’s worth the try.

Anyway, there are good people who does give credit and I decided it’s about time I will show a small list of users. The first one though goes to a good friend I met through diStorm, who reported many bugs and helped in testing the 64bits environment (do not confuse with AMD64) support, Sanjay Patel. He works(/founder) at which released last month their Zoom product, which is a very smart Profiler, currently only for Linux though. The product is free for 30 days trial version, you should check it out, it seems to be very promising, because I know more guys behind this product, although I haven’t tested it myself. But hey, it uses diStorm :)

More products which use diStorm:

Apple Shark Profiler

SolidShield – server side protector

DFSee – Low Level disk tools

And some open source projects:


Crypto Implementations Analysis Toolkit

Well, that’s what I’m aware about at least, I believe there are more though.

Have fun :)

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  1. We (Zynamics GmbH) have developed a flow analyzer and database exporter based on your diStorm library. It hasn’t been released yet, but it will be used as (one of several) input generators for our BinNavi and BinDiff products. Just in case you want to add us to your list ;-)

    Great library – thanks for making it available!

    best regards,


  2. arkon says:

    Hey Sören,
    It seems you just did, but once I change diStorm’s page I will add you.

  3. Leith says:

    There is a article on CodeProject that uses your library to create a basic Microsoft Detours clone!

    I have been working on a similar thing that I hope I can use in a FRAPS clone.

  4. arkon says:

    FRAPS – for hooking DX API’s?

  5. Mario Vilas says:

    Hi :)

    I’m working on a Win32 application debugger written in Python using Distorm. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s released.


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