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About Us
RageStorm is a group that deals with Computer Science related topics. Originally established as 'QSoft' by Oren Becker and Gil Dabah (both Israelis) in 1997, its first actions were programming a DOS computer game (Kondor) and writing programming related tutorials. Later, useful code snippets were added to QSoft's site and due to the positive feedback received about them and the whole site, QSoft decided to expand into today's RageStorm (2002).
        A third member, Uri Yanover (from Israel as well), then joined our staff. As a triplet, we quickly built the new RageStorm site. Many programming resources were soon added to RageStorm and hopefully many more are to come.
        Our goal in creating this site is to provide a collection of quality original resources (projects, tutorials, code snippets and code samples) that fulfil at least one of the following conditions:

  • Gradually and constructively introducing a subject from different points of view.
  • Briefly clearing up a sensitive point in a certain subject.
  • Introducing an original direction to solving a problem.
  • Going through an efficient implementation of a certain idea.
  • Being a cool show-off.
        We want to prevent RageStorm from becoming an assorted dump for tutorials, source codes or links (for this you have other great web sites and FTPs). Therefore, we are strict about which subjects we write about and choose carefully the resources we add to RageStorm. However, if you have any suggestion for us, or you think you have a quality resource or reference that fits RageStorm, we encourage you to contact us.
        Additionally, we are always happy to answer questions about the group or the site and its contents. If you'd like to join our group, please contact us to tell about yourself.
        For specific information about each RageStorm individual see:

Kudos to Ivailo Borisov for the nice logo!

Hoping you'll enjoy and make benefit of our site,
The RageStorm staff.

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::Top 5 Samples::
2D ColDet Rotated Rectangles[11590]
PS2 Mouse Driver[6989]
Wave Format Player[5815]
Reading FAT12[5642]

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