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Algorithms and Data Structures

Link Description
Algorithms and Data Structures Various algorithms and data structures clearly explained and briefly analyzed by Lloyd Allison of Monash University, Australia.
Data Structures and Algorithhms (Hebrew) A fairly comprehensive website about data structures and algorithms explained and illustrated by pictures/movies/source codes. As stated earlier - in Hebrew.

Artificial Intelligence

Link Description
AI-Depot Artificial Intelligence related essays, tutorials and news. For the beginner as well as the expert in the field.

Assembly (x86)

Link Description
The Assembly Gems Page Many small and fast routines written in assembly.
Agner Fog's Assembly Pentium Optimizations Here you'll find a comprehensive reference for optimizing for the Pentium Microprocessors (up to P3).
Code Gems A long list of assembly useful tricks, size/speed optimization and more.


Link Description
C++ Tips and Tricks A collection of specific tips and tricks to sharpen C++ experts.

Collision Detection

Link Description
3D Object Intersection A table with geometric objects on the sides and references to collision detection routines between them in the interior cells.


Link Description
Arturo Campos Compression Tutorials Small site, dedicated to compression algorithms. He explains a few algorihms in a special way with examples and tips...
DataCompression.info A good place to start when attempting to learn about data compression.

DOS Programming

Link Description
Programming MS-DOS with Power "This web site is devoted to DOS programming for those of us who still enjoy programming in DOS. Don't get me wrong, I do program in Windows also. In fact, I use VC++, but when it comes to having fun, I still turn to DOS programming...."

Game Programming

Link Description
Alexei A. Frounze's Homepage Mainly documentation and a big list of links: 2d/3d Graphics, hardware programming, programming tools, DSP, PMode, OS and other links are waiting for you to visit...
YOV 408 Technologies Lots of categorized links/source codes/articles dealing with game programming and other subjects. Very useful.

Game Programming Communities

Link Description
Xenonaut Xenonaut was founded in order to give other amateur gamedevelopers a portal where they publish their games and projects, present their team and attract vistors to their websites. It also contains a database for tutorials and links.


Link Description
Ray-Casting Tutorial by F. Permadi Nice ray-casting tutorial. Includes the fundamental theory behind grid-based ray-casting with textures, floor and ceiling and some cool 3D tricks and effects.

Graphics API's

Link Description
FireStorm Besides its cool name :) you will find there tutorials and case studies regarding 3D engines and programming. And a neat gallery...
AngelCode This site was one of the first to deal with DirectX valuable contents. it contains tutorials, projects, links and a few other worthy stuff.

Low Level Optimizations

Link Description
Paul Hsieh's Tech Page This page has alot of information about low level optimizations in various fields. Very interesting!
Bit Twiddling Hacks One page with many of the classical hacks.


Link Description
IEEE-754 References As the title says: you will find a few references regarding IEEE 754 format, and a really decent (JS) script which converts numbers floating numbers to and fro decimal.
IRA: Interactive Real Analysis A great online textbook replacement for Advanced Calculus in one real variable. Check this out even if you're not currently intersted in learning this subject!
PlanetMath PlanetMath is an online math encyclopedia, edited by a wide community. Contains theorems, proofs, discussion forums and links.
Eric Weissteins's World of Mathematics A huge hierarchical collection of mathematical definitions, theorems and history.
MathPages Variois articles on miscellaneous mathematical topics.
EWD Archive A collection of manuscripts by the noted computer scientist, Edsger W. Dijkstra.


Link Description
Tower of Hanoi Puzzle Solving algorithms, interactive implementations, multi-peg variations and everything that has to do with the TH puzzle.
Basement Computing Very very long list of useful links to programming related websites.
Sore BBS Plenty interesting files, some old and hard to find...All listed with FTP style.
Chris Hecker's Miscellaneous Technical Information Various articles of his from GDMag including: Perspective Texture Mapping, IEEE Float Point representation, etc.

Operating System Development

Link Description
Ralph Brown's Interrupts List Mainly the documentation of every interrupt in the IBM PC covered very well and also DOS development interesting issues.
OSRC: The Operating System Resource Center A huge directory of OS development and hardware related articles and specifications.

Personal Homepages

Link Description
Steven Don's web site Steven Don is a very good friend of us. But the real reasons we placed his site in here are, because you can find in there some really valuable source codes in DOS/Win32/OGL/Video Editing and etc... Many interesting tutorials and some nice games as well.
Don Knuth's Home Page Home page of Prof. Donald Ervin Knuth, inventor of TeX and author of "The Art of Computer Programming".
Bjarne Stroustup's Home Page Designer of the C++ programming language and author of books on the subject.


Link Description
Chris Hecker's Rigid Body Dynamics Information Practical information for implementing physics in games. A set of 4 articles originally published on GDMag.

Security Related

Link Description
Mnin Most of the website is about security chit-chat, technical suspense, or forensic horror stories. If you're into security, I'm sure you will find something interesting.
Phrack ...a Hacker magazine by the community, for the community....
TTY64 Tiny personal page with source codes, links and some projects regarding software security.

Windows Programming

Link Description
Sysinternals Pretty famous around Windows coders. You will find there really useful applications, source codes, documents and of course undocumented Windows stuff.
Windows IT Library Covers many topcis about Windows, worth a look, you might find there interesting stuff for Windows and other decent applications...
EliCZ's Resources Small website with interesting source codes regarding Windows' internals (Hooking, Ring 0, PE and etc...)
Catch22 Catch22 is a small site aimed to help developers, you will find useful code snippets and tutorials. In addition it contains a few full source codes of interesting applications.
Beyond Logic Information and programming regarding hardware devices and other stuff surrounding Windows (IE: Embedded, etc.)
[Mad Wizard] Comprehensive Winsock networking tutorial, huge list of Windows snippets (most of them in Asm) and a worthy download section with his own programs.
Internals This site contains REALLY useful articles about hooking EVERYTHING under Windows and some other articles and applications.
Win32, C++, VC++ resources - CoderSource Win32, C++, MFC articles using VC++ compiler and other associated Windows based C++ compilers with sufficient sample programs are provided in this site.
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::Top 5 Samples::
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