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Code Samples


Code Crunching

Name Description
Huffman Decoder Tiny program which extracts Huffman data block and prints it.
CodeGuru Prints "CodeGuru" on the text screen in big font. Heavily documented!
Clock Counts down 5 minutes in big font. Based on the "CodeGuru" program. Heavily documented!

DOS Assembly

Name Description
Hooking Int 0x21 A small (TSR) program which hooks DOS interrupt 0x21.
BreakPoint Interrupt This source shows how to use the BreakPoint interrupt for only one point, it runs code and then shows a message on the screen when the breaked point was reached...
Single Step Interrupt This is a small demonstration of how to use the Single Step interrupt, it runs a small dummy procedure and prints the IP and AX registers...
V22 Infector This is a simple memory resident .COM file infector.
Set Inerrupt Set your own interrupt directly in the IVT.

DOS Graphics

Name Description
Mode13h Unchained 4 An example of how to use mode13h with the whole 256kb of the video card with hardware page flipping using TC3.

DOS Stuff

Name Description
Calling Win32 from DOS, BOP (VDD) This samples contain two files, the DOS side (asm) and the Win32 side (DLL). It's a proof of concept to call userland DLL functions (with params!) via DOS BOPs mechanism. It's neat.
Reading FAT12 This source code shows how to read FAT12 drives using TC3.
Windows Clipboard Access Windows' clipboard for read|write using DJGPP.
PIC Programming Shows how to program the master PIC and change the base vecotr interrupt using TC3.
COM Port A serial COM port unit, interrupt driven|polled method using TC3.
PS2 Mouse Driver Shows the basic interaction with a PS2 mouse(with extended wheel/buttons!) using TC3.

Internet & Networks

Name Description
Select for Accepting Connections Shows how to use select for accepting new connections.
So you have two threads: GUI and the listening thread.
Also shows how to terminate the listening thread in a nice and clean way when the GUI thread is over.
base64dec Decodes a base64 sequence
HTTP Module A simple module implementing the HTTP/1.1 client. Shows how to send GET/POST requests, and parse incoming responses (by content-length/chunked-mode/connection).
base64enc base64 is a simple base64 encoding routine. Note that it produces standard output (meaning it complements the total output size to a number divisible by 4 by adding extra '='s).
ICMP Twister ICMP Twister uses ICMP Info Request packets to make a simple ICMP-based chat. The program was written for Linux, and requires root privileges to run, as it uses raw sockets.


Name Description
NameIt WinAmp Plugin This is a _really_ simple plugin for WinAmp which draws the name of the current played song on screen/Direct X.
Collision Detection (JApplet) The source code of the collision detection interactive applet in the corresponding tutorial.
3DS format parser 3DS format parser written in ANSI C.
It can read animation data (!) and can read chunks which I haven't seen documented anywhere else.
Written with high modularity in mind - everything is customizable.
Print-out sample routines included.
Embedded PyShell Opens PyShell as your interactive Python window. This saves you much work instead of messing with Python code by your own. Thanks to Sagiv Malihi for the idea and help!
2D ColDet Rotated Rectangles This code checks whether 2 rotated rectangles (2D OBBs) intersect quickly and efficiently, including all cases of intersection, even the dreaded CROSS collision!
Embedded Python Console Shows how to use the Python C API in a Win32 API project using VS7. This sample is for the "Embedded Python" tutorial, very impressive!


Name Description
Walk On Loaded-Modules (PEB) A very simple POC which shows how to walk on the loaded modules list without depending on Win32API. It gets a few pointers from PEB and walks on the list printing the modules names.
Basic Kernel Driver This is a really basic kernel driver written for educational purposes and to see how simple it ends up to be. I thought it might help some people out there.
Self Deleting Executable This is a proof of concept to delete your own .exe file, it is supposed to run under all Windows versions.
SB Output Mode Switcher This is a small complete program I wrote, so it would be really easy to switch the SoundBlaster output mode from digital to analog and vice versa by one click on the sys-tray icon or by pressing a hotkey. Written under VS7.
Mailslot This is a really simple sample of how to use mail slot communications between two processes, Server and client demonstration.
Wave Format Player This is a small example of how to read a .wav file and use the waveOut API to play it.
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